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Destination Highlight : Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the land of lush beaches, stunning waterfall hikes, rolling rice fields, tuktuks & motorbikes as far as the eye can see… amidst Aussies that have been drunk for 10 days straight.

My beautiful friend Katie from the UK went to Bali in 2022 for almost 3 weeks & shared a bit about her time in Indonesia.

Favourite travel memory?

  1. The morning I spent having an early beach breakfast followed by a boat tour where we saw dolphins

  2. Monkey sanctuary was a very close second!

For your future trip planning: The monkey forest in Ubud is spread over 12 hectares with around 600 free roaming monkeys. Entry costs a whopping £4.50 and you can book tickets here.

Were there any cultural adjustments

Every place I visited had different cultural practices but the overall takeaway was how friendly and helpful the Balinese people are. Most people spoke English & if they didn’t they had a basic understanding which was helpful for communication, google translate also always had my back.

Fun Fact: Balinese people live by “Tri Hita Karana - harmony with God, nature and the community”. I think that’s a beautiful principle that most people could take a leaf out of :)

Did you have any bad experiences whilst you were away

I had to go from one side of the island to the other the day before my flight due to road closures, panic packing and running to the airport after I had already paid for accommodation was no fun. I didn’t get sick though whilst away so that’s a win!

How did you handle the unavoidable ‘bad day’

I found it really helpful to remember that I am so grateful and lucky to be travelling to different countries when some of the locals have not had the fortune of leaving the country.

This advice is something that I will for sure be implementing on my next trip. I think that mindset is incredibly important in every aspect of life but choosing to brush off a bad day is vital when you are travelling.

Did you learn anything about yourself whilst travelling solo?

Travelling solo taught me to be careful with my money, be resilient, be prepared and to be cautious of my own safety. I also learnt that I don’t need to rely on other people to make me happy. Such a freeing feeling!

Reader question: Is Bali family friendly?

Bali has a wide array of beautiful nature and #familyfriendly resorts! It best suits little ones of about 9-10 years old based on activities. One week is best suggested for families in Bali to see all that there is to offer. The top islands to visit with the most family friendly feel are Nusa Dua, Seminyak & Ubud.

Do you have Bali on your travel bucket list?

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