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Get to know the redhead

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Hi honeys!

I'm Chels! I'm 29 and from Australia 🐨.

I am currently living in London, I moved over at the end of January 2022 from Dubai.

Some little facts about me:

- It took me almost my entire life to embrace being a redhead, now I wouldn't change my hair for anything (It's the reason for the name on my socials. Travel helped me to accept myself fully and that included my red hair).

- I haven't been back home to Australia since 2020, 3 years is a long time without having family around you (I'm lucky that my brother lives in London though)!

- My favourite food is Italian or Vietnamese 🍕!

- My dream travel destination is Croatia ⛵ (Hopefully going to be living my best yacht life next year).

- I am passionate about photography 📸, creating genuine relationships with people and seeing the good in every situation, negativity just isn't my vibe.

- I picked up my first camera in 2015 when I was in NYC with my family 🗽

- My favourite location so far has been Canada, the views, the people, the snow.. just breathtaking ♥️

Continue the conversation, tell me about you? Where are you from? What has been your favourite holiday destination so far? I would love to connect on Instagram @awanderingredhead

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