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Safety tips when traveling solo

general safety tips

  • make sure a trusted person knows your travel plans

  • be trusting but cautious, not everyone is a good person

  • read the reviews of the hostel you choose and consider the location carefully. Hostelworld can be a good place to start

in accommodation

  • make sure that you have a lock on your bags, and also make sure that you use a locker when they are available in the hostel room

  • make sure that you have second copies of important documents like passport or VISA

  • don't show off your valuables especially in front of your bunk mates

  • split your money, keep some with you, some in your suitcase

in busy public areas

  • keep your bag on your body at all times, even when you are sitting at a cafe/bar. small cross body bags are superior

  • look into bags that have multiple pockets. Similar to this. If you do purchase it, use code awanderingredhead-21

  • if you have any expired cards, consider taking a second card holder, especially in places with a high pickpocket rate

on the beach

  • only take the essentials. Consider a paperback instead of a kindle, you don't need a 101 things to keep you entertained

  • there are waterproof bags that you can buy to hold your things. Added bonus of easier beach selfies! Similar to this.

  • there are lots of different ways to disguise your belongings. Pringles cans or empty sunscreen bottles etc

  • you can buy beach towels with zipper compartments, if you do this flip that part of the towel on itself. Like this.

As always, remain vigilant and use your common sense in all settings. Your gut knows best!

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