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Top 10 movies to inspire wanderlust

What to watch on Netflix when you just want to travel

Wild A plot recap: She decides to go off into the wilderness with zero experience after her life falls apart, because really how bad could it be... right? A tiny bit slow at the start but definitely worth a watch. 🙂 This movie shows stunning scenery of the pacific crest trail, and I’m definitely NOT a hiker by any stretch of the imagination. I definitely don’t want to take off into the middle of nowhere, but it got me researching this trail and I added at least 4 places to my want to see destination list. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty A plot recap: This guy has the most hectic imagination and spends most of his time daydreaming at work (not recommended). Then he gets to go on an actual adventure, cue beautiful destinations. This movie has scenes in Iceland, I have always wanted to go to Iceland but there is one scene in the movie, (you will know what I’m talking about once you see it) that definitely put it on the list. Also, the Himalayas feature and they are pretty damn stunning. Maybe I can just fly over them? 😝 Eat, Pray, Love A plot recap: Chances are you have already seen this movie, but if not, she moves away for a year after a divorce and spends 4 months in Italy, 4 months in India & then 4 months in Bali. This movie has some of the most visually pleasing scenes. I have always wanted to go to Italy because #pasta, but also seeing Bali in that movie made me wish I could go and ride a bike through a rice field. India, I’m not 200% sold on just yet. The Bucket list A plot recap: Two guys decide to break out of the hospital and spend their last six months exploring the places they never got around to. This movie kind of doesn’t even have a place that I was like ooh I have to add this, it’s just some beautiful scenes overall and the trip is wonderful minus the impending end of life part. Just watch it, but warning, you will ugly cry. PS. I love you A plot recap: First of all, this movie was put out to destroy your emotions in the best possible way. She loses her husband and has to follow pre-organised instructions made by her husband which last a year and are essentially designed to help her to heal *cue tears of cuteness*. 😭 This movie made me want to jump on a plane to Ireland the very next day, so green and beautiful. Plus, I would fit in being a redhead. 😝 Did you hear that they are bringing out a second one? The Way A plot recap: His son attempts to trek the El camino de Santiago but dies along the way. He decides to do it and finish it in his honour. This movie is set along the Santiago trek and shows off some of the highlights of the 800km hike. One of the places I definitely want to visit is the arch of Santa Maria. When I am travelling this area, I would love to do one of the shorter sections of that trek called the ‘Camino Inglès’. Holiday in the Wild A plot recap: She goes to Africa on a holiday, then there is a baby elephant, a love story and a whole life change. It’s very cute. I have always wanted to go on a Safari in Africa, but you bet your butt I researched ‘how to work with elephants’ after watching that movie, turns out… I’m unqualified, go figure haha. Wine Country A plot recap: Basically, the whole movie is about a wine tasting weekend in Napa Valley with a group of middle-aged ladies, the end. 😝 But it did make me want to go to Napa Valley, because it’s really super beautiful, and girls weekend goals for sure. Probably going to learn to like wine though, first. Tracks A plot recap: For some crazy reason, she decides to WALK across Australia with a dog & four camels. Props to her for being a badass, definitely not for the faint hearted. 🙈 It did however give me an insight to some of the beautiful things about my own country. Now whenever (if ever) I go home, I would love to get a van and travel around and see what’s in the backyard. Aloha A plot recap: He gets kicked out of the army and then gets hired to work for someone on the island of Hawaii. Obviously, he falls in love – duh. This movie is set in Honolulu, partially on an air force base but also in these crazy beautiful locations. I love that it shows a different more natural side of Hawaii rather than what is usually shown on movies. Happy watching, Love your friendly redhead. ♥️♥️♥️ #awanderingredhead

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