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How to try and beat jetlag

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hands up who has fallen victim to the jet lag sleepies at all hours of the day 🙋🏼‍♀️

I flew home from Cambodia on Christmas Eve & accidentally fell asleep in church, not my finest moment but full blame belongs to jet lag. 😅

Dr Google says it’s caused by confusing your sleep-wake cycle by crossing two or more time zones (definitely the case with most flights). It happens most when you fly and lose time. Worst case scenario it lasts for a week and your caffeine intake sky rockets. It feels different to everyone but for me – I get excessively tired at the same time every day, can’t sleep at night and feel like I’m constantly on the edge of tears, tiredness is a b*tch.

But like most everything in life, there are things that you can do to get prevent or lessen the effects of it.

💤 Arrive early: Morning flight arrivals are always preferable because you are approximately 800x more likely to drop your bags then get out & explore your new destination, allowing you to forget how crushingly tired you are.

💤 Sleep well the night before your trip: This one, I am absolutely horrible at! I am either stressed, nervous or excited the night before a flight and I end up having a terrible night sleep. Don’t be me. I always say, ‘oh it’s ok I have a 10, 12, 14 hour flight ahead of me I can sleep then’ *News flash… I don’t sleep on planes*

💤 Light exposure: If you are super exhausted, try and go for a walk in the sun. As an ex-night worker, I can vouch for the sun. The hardest hour of the night shift is 4am – sunrise, then everything in life gets better and the energy pumps you up. The sun is your friend.

💤 Stay on your new schedule: Have a look at the time zone in your destination before you board the plane, try and start sleeping when it gets to ‘bed time’ where you are heading. This is a bit trickier on overnight flights because they literally stuff you full of food and turn the lights off 🤣

💤 Stretch: There’s nothing worse than sitting still for a 10 hour flight and then hoping to be fine to explore a new city with tree trunk legs.

💤 Hydrate: Booze🍷bad for sleep, water 🚰 good for sleep. Make the smart choice!

💤 Don’t arrive at night: Self-explanatory, the point is to arrive early then make yourself tired and drop like a fly, waking up fresh as a daisy. 🌼

💤 Go with a stopover: If you have a particularly nasty long-haul, break it up a bit by splitting the flight in half and staying the night in another new place! Just be careful of entry visas in the stopover destination.

💤 Naps are allowed: If you are a grumpier than a hibernating bear when you are tired, me too boo, me too, I hereby give you permission to take a SHORT nap once you get word that your accommodation is ready. The key word here is S H O R T. You still have to be tired when night time comes. 1 hour tops, trust me.

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