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Gold Coast city guide
  • Gold Coast city guide


    Gold Coast is seen as the pinnacle of party destinations in Queensland but don't be put off if parties aren't your thing. Gold Coast is a hidden gem that is also surrounded by stunning National Parks. I have put together a list of the must-sees so that all of your Instagram followers can get a serious case of FOMO. 


    I have also covered all the places to eat, drink. party and get a tan (safely please, the Aussie sun doesn't play)! I spent so much time on the Gold Coast or hiding away in the hinterland, so I have plenty of tried and tested advice for you over the next 20+ pages. It will be just like having me, your friendly redhead, as your personal tour guide! 


    Spend hours researching all of the top tips, hoping that you don't miss any or use my guide as a really solid start for planning your itinerary? Up to you, boo.  


    Download it on your phone and get your best hiking snacks, it's time to discover the best of the Gold Coast and surrounds. 


    Get your copy now! 

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