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A Wandering Redhead

Discovering the world one adventure at a time!

Hello loves!

Welcome to my tiny travel loving corner of the internet.

I'm Chels and if we haven't met yet allow me to introduce myself real quick. 

Fast facts: I am Australian, I am an Aries *for my astrology girlies, I have travelled so far to 11 countries, I have completed 3 working holiday visas - Canada, Dubai & UK. You can learn more about me here.


My goal is to show you that solo travel IS possible and achievable. Think of me as your all-knowing travel big sis. 

 I have bounced around jobs looking for where I truly 'fit in'. Now I am a travel coach, consultant and tour guide but most importantly... Being self employed is not always peachy sunshine but I am finally happy and content!

On this tiny corner of the internet you will find travel tips, stories, judgement-free advice and cute lil piccies of all my adventures.   


Your Friendly Redhead  xxx 



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Come and join the community ! 

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