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A day in Amsterdam 

Full disclosure I would suggest more time to explore than the 12 hours that I had but, where there's a will there's a way... & lots of steps 😉

🌎 1h 30 from London by flight 

🚌 10h 30 by bus if you like slow travel like me (:

I suggest at least 3 days in Amsterdam to get a full city experience with no stress.

⭐ 4/5 trip 

Amsterdam is well known for it's red light district and the ability to get blitzed 💨 on every street corner. It's a quaint, sleepy city along the canals. I walked around in love with the architecture and the water views. I was only there for 12 hours in between two overnight busses which was not the ideal way to enjoy the city but a little time is better than no time.

I wasn't even close to making the full list of places I wanted to see in the time I had but I walked my ass off and tried my hardest: I missed Van Gogh, the inside of the Anne Frank house/museum, Vondelpark and the tulip market but I saw: 



A really nice rooftop bar with panoramic views of Amsterdam, it's a free ferry ride across from Amsterdam centraal station. Perfect for happy hour/sunset cocktails. They have a swing that goes out over the roof if you are looking for an adrenaline hit.

Price 20€‎ 

Tickets here


I actually got a strong butterfly feeling seeing the house, I read the book when I was younger and it was surreal to see it. I didn't manage to get tickets as they sell out so incredibly quickly but if I did I would have loved to go in and look around the museum. It's also a gorgeous walk to get there from the city centre. 

Price 16€‎

Tickets here.


Dam square is right in the middle of the museum 'district'. There's not a whole lot happening but there is a few statues, nice bustling atmosphere and if you are lost it can be a good way to orient yourself. 


A really sweet neighbourhood to wander through, filled with lots of art galleries, cafe's, coffee shops, and nice restaurants. 


An eye opening but fun museum with loads of different exhibitions. Curiosity got the better of me with the name but I'm certainly not mad I went. I also wanted to go and see the red light secrets museum but had to get back for my next bus to Germany. 

Price 9€‎

Tickets here.


Marble Surface

A'Dam lookout 

Marble Surface

Anne Frank House

Marble Surface

Dam Square

Marble Surface


Marble Surface

Venustempel Sex Museum 

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