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My absolute favourite Australian National Parks 

Who doesn't love escaping into nature for a day? 

One of my favourite things about Australia, don't get me wrong there are so many i couldn't possibly list them all but its the abundance of National Parks. 

I have only been to Melbourne fleetingly and spent all my time in the city, so I will skip there.

Starting off with Sydney & surrounds

✨ Sydney Harbour National Park 

Find it here.

Reasons why I love it: You can get a $2 ferry on a Sunday over to Taronga zoo terminal and start your walk, its an easy trail and you can walk until you get tired then book an uber back to Taronga zoo. Its a dream for anyone with a camera, especially that loves flowers. 

Highlights: The lookout at the top of the hill once you reach the Taronga zoo entry is perfect for watching boats go by into the harbour, there is literally so many of them. 🙈

The view of the harbour away from the business of it. 

The little inlets all along the trail where you have access to almost empty beaches. 

The cute little lizards and birds that are all along the trail.

The fact that you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere but you are actually only 15 minute boat ride away from the CBD. 







✨ Royal National Park 

Find it here.

Reasons why I love it: It was the closest National Park to where I lived in Arncliffe, it was a 20 minute drive and it was a completely new world once you get there. 

Highlights: The coastal track, it has so many stunning locations, its 26km but you can just do sections of it.

The balconies, that rock is just gorgeous 

Wedding cake rock, not what i was expecting but still really cool to see

Wattamolla beach, has a tiny piece of my heart stunning and super secluded but freezing as is every body of water in NSW haha. 



✨ Blue Mountains National Park

Find it here.

Reasons why I love it: The air is fresh and crisp, they have a hiking trail for everyone and its a world heritage site. 

Highlights: Cute cafe's in Katoomba

Super friendly locals 

Three sisters hike

Spending the day with a picnic lunch at Minnehaha falls  


Now for Brisbane & Gold Coast. 

✨ Springbrook National Park 

Find it here.

Reasons why I love it: It's close enough to Brisbane or the Gold Coast to warrant a day trip but it also has a cute little coffee shops around the area, my favourite being the sitting room.

Highlights: Waterfalls galore 

Easy hikes for any level 

The natural bridge

GLOWWORMS!!! Even though they are impossible to photograph lol. 

It's almost next door to Lamington National Park so you can do two in the one day! Double win. 

✨ Glasshouse Mountains & Kondalila National Park 

Find it here.

Reasons why I love it: It's home to me, i grew up like an hour or so away from them and ALMOST got a job at one of the most beautiful restaurants just last year before i accepted the job in Dubai. It was the best place to go when i just wanted to get out for an hour or two and reset without making a whole day of it. 

Ticking off parts of the 'Great Walks' 

Highlights: Kondalila falls

The fudge at Montville 

The tea houses in Maleny 

Have fun, be safe & get out in nature, x


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