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How to handle homesickness

Homesickness is kind of a guaranteed especially when you are travelling for an extended period of time or decide to up & move your life, like I have done a few times. But there is loads that you can do to overcome it & you absolutely should not let it stop you from travelling!


There are a couple things I do when I am feeling homesick that have helped.

*** Just remember that it’s ok to have a bad day where you just miss the creature comforts of home, it will not last forever & pretty much everyone experiences it. Sadly, it follows no pattern i.e. homesick twice a month, its random & likes to keep you on your toes. I struggled most on days like Christmas (or my Birthday). Especially when all the family were celebrating together in one place and I couldn’t be there.


✨Video call your loved ones early in the day because your mood is going to be positive. It’s also a really nice way to start your day!


✨Recreate the traditions you had at home if you can, if not take the opportunity to create your own.


✨Be honest and tell someone that you are feeling a bit bleh, most of the time they are also feeling the same. If you don’t have anyone where you are currently living to tell, pick someone at home that you can message.


✨I personally chose to work those days where possible, it keeps me a bit busier therefore less time to get trapped in my head. But I have also quite happily spent Christmas in the past binge watching light-hearted Christmas movies and drinking baileys.


✨Get hugs from everyone you see! Everyone that has met me, knows that I am a hugger. So, everyone gets ‘Christmas hugs’ its partly for my own benefit too haha, helps to feel less alone.


✨Interact don’t isolate, this point is mainly for people who live in a staff or student housing setting. Most of the time there will be things happening on the day. One year in Canada we organised a campfire with hot chocolate/coffee & baileys and also had a snowball fight with like 30 of us. Made a super fun memory & everyone forget that they wished they could be with family. I also had a Christmas in July with friends in Australia because I was feeling homesick. It was a great way to get together, eat delicious food and forget about missing family temporarily. I highly suggest it!


~Other ideas for just general homesickness~


✨If you are feeling particularly homesick, don’t contact home every day. Sometimes hearing from family and friends makes it worse, try to limit it to once a week.


✨When you first move somewhere, try really hard to put yourself out there socially. Meeting new people who you can go on adventures with takes away the urge to fly home.


✨Make your space feel homely, buy some candles or put pictures up on the wall anything that is comforting to you.


✨ Create a routine, it helps you to feel settled more quickly. 

✨Make a list of all the things that you want to see/do in your new city and then try and tick them off! Try to include local suggestions because they can end up being better than Trip Advisor top 10.


If anyone is feeling particularly homesick right now, I am sending you huge cyber hugs!  

Love your friendly redhead.



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