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A day trip to Jervis Bay 

*** PSA the claim to fame is fake ***

🌎 2h30 from Sydney

🚗 Car


train from Central to Bomaderry Station

⭐ 5/5 day trip 

When one of my best friends of 8+ years suggested that we take a day trip to the beach & do a picnic I obviously squeaked with excitement. We went to Jervis Bay & had theeeee most amazing day, let me tell you about it…


Jervis Bay is around a 2.5 hour drive, give or take, from the outskirts of Sydney.

We left early so that we could miss all of the morning traffic which was a fantastic idea! We watched all the traffic piling up on the opposite side of the highway & spared a quick thought for them.

We went on a Tuesday because #hospolife but if you can, go on a weekday you will definitely have more of a relaxing experience. We drove straight through, it was hot, & our picnic wouldn’t have survived until 3pm.


We arrived just before 12 &decided to have lunch before we did anything else. I must say, it would have been easy to get distracted by the colours & forget the food though! Once we were sufficiently stuffed turkeys, we headed straight for the vibrant, freezing cold water. We took a lengthy, photo fuelled walk along the next beach, then spent most of the afternoon getting burnt & trying to avoid thieving  the 300 fur babies that were also conveniently on the beach.


Once we agreed that our bodies could take no more freezing water or aggressive sun, we reluctantly headed back towards Sydney. We decided to stop off & find a waterfall that was also in the Booderee National park but sadly, it was closed due to weather. Instead we ended up watching sunset at the Kiama blow hole, which was stunning.


A couple of things to note before you leave to go see the bluest of blue water:

  • The most scenic way is to take Princess Hwy. It goes through Wollongong & you can detour to go over the Sea Cliff Bridge.

  • There is only one bathroom for the entire Hyams beach, so get changed in the car before you leave.

  • Picnics are suggested, there is only one café for Jervis Bay & it just makes the whole day trip vibes better.

  • Weather permitting, go & find one of the waterfalls in Booderee National park! I suggest Granite Falls.

  • Please take sunscreen, hat & more water than you think is necessary, there is really not any shade on the beach.

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