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Did I ever get lonely living in the mountains? 

This question definitely made me stop and think


I was talking to a new friend the other day about my time living in Canada and they asked me if I ever got lonely, truth is lonely is subjective. For some people, social isolation by living in the mountains away from a city lifestyle is their worst nightmare. For others, being away from the outside world and the hustle and bustle would be heaven.


I formed some of my very closest friendships living there, friendships that are formed essentially uninterrupted. You get so much time to just really get to know everything about a person and yes, there were fights and fallouts (mainly over unnecessary things haha) but I guess that’s to be expected when there is 100 of you living in the same building, but we sorted out our shit and still love each other.


In the summer we spent our time working, taking naps in the sun, swimming in the glacial lake, going on mini hikes just before sunset, canoeing, drinking wine – haven’t been able to successfully drink Moscato since haha, sunbathing, killing the mosquitoes who would attack us on the daily, walking the resident dogs and being hyper aware of bears.

In the winter we spent our time sitting by the fire, watching movies, drinking to stay warm, wearing 19 layers of clothing, piling up on the couches because more people = more body warmth, snacking until our hearts content – calories don’t count when it’s cold out, them’s the rules.  


Yes, there were moments where I was like damn, I wish I could be lost in a big city right now, but those moments were few between and usually created by exhaustion or the winter SADS which is 100% a real thing. I regret absolutely nothing about spending 23 glorious months in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. But, there have also been moments or weeks in cities where I feel disconnected and lonely so I wouldn't blame Canada for those feelings, I would just blame being a human. 

If you have the chance to do something crazy like move to the middle of nowhere to work in a great place with amazing people but you are scared you will be lonely, this is your friendly nudge to say, just try it… I’m sure you will have a wonderful time.

Love your friendly redhead 



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