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Staying warm the 'affordable way'

Sorry that was a joke, albeit a shitty one with the cost of living crisis post pandy here in London, but you know... London still has some a+ bev spots and I certainly go out enough to make my bank weep. Only live in London once, right? 

For your convenience it's split into East, West & central London. Get sloshed, stay safe <3 


1. Queen of Hoxton


All of the lights and brightly coloured decor your instagram could ever dream of!

2. Barrio

📍E1 6JE

A lovely outdoor area with huge tables perfect for big groups, there's a cheeky little photobooth there too so you can keep those memories for future lols. 


3. Oslo 

📍E8 1JB

A converted industrial warehouse that is stumbling distance from the overground which can get you back to Clapham in less than 30 minutes. Music was a little hit & miss but it was still an amazing night out and i will be back for sure! 

4. Hackney Funhouse 

📍E8 1DU

This one is an experience, not just a casual pint. You dress up and get your science on to create custom cocktails. Priced as you would expect. ;)  

5. Blues Kitchen

📍 EC2A 3AR

Live music.. 7.. nights.. a week <3! 

6. The Alchemist 

📍E14 5AJ

Another 'molecular' cocktail experience, the cocktails do be tasty tho! 

7. Simmons 


A controversial inclusion? Who cares ;)

Simmons is like that relationship you know you should end but don't, the drinks are £2.50 for 5 hours daily including weekends and i'm just not prepared to give that up. Try a teapot! 

C E N T R A L 

8. Tequila Mockingbird


2-for-1 cocktail happy hour in the city, a win! 

9. Mr. Foggs house of botanicals 

📍W1T 1QQ

Drool worthy level of flowers inside that bar, I want to get my most feminine floor length dress and move in immediately!

10. All Bar one 


Over 50 locations for you to choose from, it's the number one go to for the corporate world in London - find you a new wo/man with a cute accent? 

11. Cahoots 

📍W1B 5PW

A bar, set INSIDE a disused tube station


12. Blame Gloria 

📍 WC2E 9HP

Such a fun location, plays old school bangers and does bright and fruity cocktails! 

13. The Nest 

📍W1B 2QS

A cheeky little rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the city <3

W E S T 

14. The Cocktail Club 

📍SW4 7UG

A huge array of drinks, snackies are suggested so you don't end up being 'that person' on the tube ride home 8 hours later

15. Flight Club


The perfect solution if you want to do 'something', whilst sinking bevs

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