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8 steps to travel more ethically

what do I mean by 'travel ethically'? It refers to travellers making the effort to positively impact the local community.

  • be mindful: research cultural, political and historical background before leaving.

  • support local: shop, eat, stay local and also invest in day trips that support the community.

  • immersion: immerse yourself in the local culture. Seek out experiences you wouldn't usually have.

  • research tour companies: If you are using a tour group, make sure that they support the community. Companies like intrepid are a great option.

  • consider your wardrobe: Make sure that you are being respectful in different scenarios like a mosque, local market.

  • ask before taking photos: If you wouldn't like your photo taken in a certain situation, consider why you are taking the photo.

  • be wary of what you support: Avoid supporting illegal trades that can negatively impact the local community, animal and begging culture are included too

  • be aware of your carbon footprint: This doesn't only have to mean adding on the tax at the airport checkout, it can also include smaller actions like these.

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