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living in a digital nomad community

If living in a community of like-minded location independent travellers sounds like your idea of paradise - a digital nomad community might be for you! You can find them worldwide. Here is a list of the top rated communities for 2023.

benefits to a digital nomad community

  • A sense of community for the less than perfect days, solo travel can be lonely, esp when your friends at home are on a different path to you.

  • Uncapped opportunities to meet new people in the same circumstances as you. Can ease imposter syndrome when starting out.

  • Provides an option for people looking to move everything 3 months or so, accommodation without the longterm commitment

  • can be a good 'launch' solution into the lifestyle of being location independent as everything is provided as a package.

  • the ability to take part in community events (nomad run) and learn new things you may not have otherwise learnt such as shadow work or surfing.

  • accountability buddy motivation. By seeing other people working hard you can feel less isolated and more likely to also work hard in that environment.

You can find the full episode (ep 04) by searching Wandering with the Redhead on Spotify.

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