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Money saving travel tips


  • Staying in a hostel will be your cheapest option.

  • Apps like hotwire, kayak, expedia for hotels. Be very specific about what amenities you are looking for.

  • Taking an overnight bus or train to a new destination, saves on accom - understand it wont be fantastic sleep.

food & bev

  • Take snacks & (lunch?) from the included hostel buffet. You pay for the food & lots of other travelers do the same!

  • Eat like a local, especially where there are unique cuisines, you might find a new favourite.

  • Make sure that you have a re-usable water bottle (& filter if necessary).

  • Hostel happy hour hits different.


  • Set up email notifications for sales of flights or trains that you are considering taking.

  • Flexibility in departure dates

  • Look into transport cards in the destination

  • Swapping miles for flights. Some credit cards are a great deal when used wisely


  • Hostel activities - generally heavily discounted

  • Get your steps in, that way you won't miss hidden gems - bonus points it's free

  • Free walking city tours - meet friends & tip based!

  • Booking early for museums or galleries, save money and time in line as well!

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Chelsea Weeding
Chelsea Weeding
Jan 27, 2023

What else would you add?

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