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Travel topic highlight : High ticket affiliate marketing

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

I recently had a chat with the lovely couple from Utah, Celest and Brian about their experience with high ticket affiliate marketing. What does that mean?

"Affiliate marketing means publishers earn commission by promoting a product or service - in this case health and wellness products - using an affiliate link. The affiliate partner is rewarded a payout for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser". (Shopify)

We took a deep dive into how that income stream has allowed them freedom to be location independent and how in the future it will support their creative pursuits like yoga and slow living.

* quick note, this was a podcast but the audio sh*t the bed so we are changing tactics for this particular chat *

Where in the world are you currently?

Right now, Austin Tx but we are living in Costa Rica at the moment - just flew in for a music fest, because why not.

Where has been your favourite destination so far?


Every destination seems to have a little magic to it, but Costa Rica was where we fell in love. Between the nature, the romance and the improved health thats almost certainly a favourite for me.


For me, Mexico really stands out. We had so much fun building libraries in remote villages and dancing with little kids. That trip helped solidify our future dreams and clarified that we want service opportunities in the different communities we travel to.

How did the two of you meet?

We met in college, a very rom-com type of way at a library at University of Moab, Utah during finals. We were both not immediately looking for a relationship but fate had other ideas and I (Celest) knew right away that I was going to marry this man. Our first date was at a Christmas village and we got to be our fun, playful selves - that hasn't stopped for us and fun, carefree play is so important in our marriage. If you want to listen to the full love story you can see the song that they wrote here.

How long have you been full time travelling so far?

3 years so far on the road.

Do you prefer slow travel or do you try and see a million and one places?

Good question, we do a mixture of both but we do absolutely love traveling at a slow pace. We get to create a routine, know our favourite coffee spots and feel like we have some stability; traveling really can lack stability at times.

When looking for accommodation do you look at airbnb, hotels or hostels?

We tend to mix it up, the fees on Airbnb seem affordable and definitely cheaper than a hotel. We always start with an Airbnb but we might find an alternative option based on who we connect with.

Where are the next destinations on your bucketlist?

All of Europe but Greece, Switzerland, Italy (we are big foodies), Iceland especially.

What are some of the positives about traveling full time as a couple?

We have managed to strengthen the relationship, especially in the areas of communication and decision making. Traveling requires fluidity and flexibility because plans are forever changing. Being able to remain calm and loving in those situations helps the relationship to build in a positive direction. Also getting to experience amazing adventures with your person is so special.

On the opposite, what are some of the less positive aspects of full time travel as a couple?

Travel, at times, can feel rocky or unstable which translates into every aspect of life... relationship included. Days where you are tired or otherwise uncomfortable can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Being together 24/7 can sometimes feel isolating from the outside world, friendship dynamics and people that you meet along the way aren't the same as if you made those connections as a solo traveler.

What jobs have you had to support your full time travel since being on the road?

The main revenue source we have is high ticket affiliate marketing. For the first 6 months I (Brian) worked remotely but we quickly realised that we wanted traveling to become a lifestyle and not just short term. We also had positions in clinical studies to afford the basics but quickly decided against that.

We were introduced to the world of affiliate marketing in Costa Rica, 2.5 years ago. With this we can make money wherever in the world we are with the use of just the internet and create sales automatically. That allows us the freedom that we desire.

What is the process of becoming an affiliate marketer?

So the first point to make is that you don't need to have experience in sales or social media, we have an academy that we partner with that outlines everything from the start to the end of the process. They provide full training and handle the sales side of things. We don't market to our friends or family and we earn a legacy commission which in the future will allow us to pursue our more creative passions like a yoga retreat.

How long did it take for you to start seeing a sustainable residual income from affiliate marketing? How long should people expect before they can hit the road full time?

You need to treat affiliate marketing like a business for it to pay you accordingly, if you dabble you won't see results. Although there is no guaranteed timeline, we have witnessed several people make a comfortable living using this type of marketing alone, within months, For others it takes longer - it all depends on your motivation to do the work.

Once we went 'all in', it took a couple of months to start witnessing success.

Mindset is a huge factor in affiliate marketing alongside any other entrepreneurial endeavours. No business is 100% without speed bumps or successful overnight but developing your mindset will allow you to take on the challenge and come out on top.

How can the listeners find you on social media?

Instagram: @playfulpartners

Tiktok: @playfulpartners

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